Our Brand began its story when we waved flag to our first store in 2014, December under the lead craftsman ship of our chief designer and curator, Pallavi Namdev. With new statements evolving around the world, each day, we decided to craft our creations with assortments of traditionality and urbanicity. It is this marvel that has given rise to the Brand Pallavi Namdev and it is our intent to be heralded as a symbol of exceptional styling and creations that exhibits elegance and poise.

Our creations and designs are influenced from global and from ages to ages, we glam the look of tradition along with the chic style of modernity. Each of our designs are sophisticated and carefully crafted to re-awake one’s eccentricity and cultural impression.


Our Philosophy

Cooperating and working with celeb flairs in the arts we pursue precisely sole lexes from today’s cohort. The connotations are an open podium where the design house runs an edifice on which the artists shape their dream. We believe that style and elegance is not about standing out but being recalled. So, each of our designs are carefully crafted to create that unique feature which needs to be resplendent and impeccable. We aim to sparkle that enthralling aura to each of our pieces and to the ones choosing us.

We believe that fashion is the Armor to endure the truth of existence and it is all about revealing your inner glow. Therefore, we believe in giving that extra Pallavi Namdev touch to each of our bold and beautiful muses.

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